Rare Colored Blue Tri & Blue Brindle AVL Pair

Military grade

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($3500)Male blue tri Jan, 20.18 best blue tri male overall. Will be hard to find one even comparable to him. Know I’m going to regret letting him go but circumstances have come up and decided at no fault of his own to part with them. He was purchased in Ohio have invested a lot of time and money in both dogs. Searched for along time to find the right dogs for my program. Sadly never got the chance to follow threw. Both are at right age for breeding now. And if female comes into heat b4 sold will not be avl anymore. Puppies from the 2 expected to start $3000. My loss your gain

($1500) female blue brindle sept, 20.17 amazing female purchased in indiana. With the best head I’ve ever seen on any female. Puts most males to shame. She’s a beast. Most breeding programs depend on a good stud dog. And most the dames are junk. In hopes to get some good ones out of the litter. And worse to convince potential buyers that every pup in the litter will look like the sire. In truth good stud helps but that’s only the half of it. Having a quality female is what sets kennels apart from others that don’t last. She sets the standard on shemales. Don’t miss your chance to own her.

Taking big loss on both low end basic color bulldogs that end up looking skinny and long nosed can normally start $1500 a lot without papers also. High end bulldogs. With quality and color can demand prices up to $8500.

You won’t get a better opportunity for a better price not all dogs are created equal

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