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We have puppies!

**If you are interested in this litter please read this entire ad before asking questions.**

We have two male pups looking for homes. They were born on February 28th. They will be ready for new homes on May 2nd (9 weeks).

Mom is black and weighs 9 lbs. Dad is liver and weighs 8lbs.

There are 2 boys that are available for deposits ($200 to hold the pup of your choice.)

Black & White male, est. adult size- 7-8 lbs.
Black male, white on chest - est. adult size- 7-9 lbs.

They are purebred, and being sold for $800 as pampered pets, no papers available. Shih Tzu are considered hypoallergenic and allergy friendly because do not shed like other dogs. They are good family dogs and are the perfect companion enjoying cuddle time and active play.

You may place a pup on hold with a NON-refundable $200 deposit on the pup of your choice. The pup will be considered ‘on hold’ for you as soon as I receive the deposit from you. It will be a “first come first serve basis”. I will not reserve a pup for you unless you have placed a $200 deposit. I will accept Venmo payments, cashier’s checks (mailed to my PO Box- text me a pic of it before mailing it), cash, or a USPS Money Order.

Please do not post any payment information on the comments of this ad. You can email me for info.

**For the safety of my family and my puppies I no longer allow in-home visits if I don’t know you previously. Puppies are susceptible to many diseases that we come in contact with on a daily basis. It is my desire to protect them from any and all harm while I am their caretaker. For those who are curious in the new trend of not allowing in-home visits, I have breeder friends whose homes have been broken into and had entire litters of puppies stolen and the safety of their families compromised after allowing people they didn’t know in to view their puppies. I am, however willing to post photos, videos, FaceTime, or Marco Polo with anyone who has questions about how and where my puppies are raised. I have many satisfied puppy parents who would be willing to tell you about me, my business, and their happy, healthy Shih Tzu. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

My puppies are lovingly cared for since birth in my home. I do my best to make sure they come to you happy and healthy. They have their dewclaws removed at 3 days old. They receive dewormer every two weeks starting at two weeks old. They receive a five-way vaccine at 8 weeks old. Yes, this is later than 6 weeks, but my Shih Tzu are small for the breed standard and all Shih Tzu develop more slowly than larger breeds, and many have adverse reactions to shots at 6 weeks — I’m not willing to take that risk on my pups. They will be ready to go to their new homes, at my determination, between 9-10 weeks old. This is determined by their size and their readiness to leave mom. No pup under 2# will leave my home, there’s too much risk of death from low blood sugar.

Your pup will come to you being used to regular handling from kids, teenagers, and adults. They will be used to the normal household noises of the vacuum, dish washer, hair dryer, music, tv, kitchen mixer, doors opening and closing, loud talking, singing, and laughing. They have been playing inside and outside for a few weeks and are used to carpet, tile, laminate flooring, rugs, concrete, grass, and gravel.

They will have regular grooming experience with nail clipping, hair clippers and scissors, baths, blow dryers, combs, and brushes. We start at 3 weeks old with grooming exposure.

We also use the ‘Bio Sensor’ or ‘Super Dog’ program developed by the US Military. It is a program that promotes early neurological stimulation in puppies and has been proven to ensure your dog is able to cope with stressful situations.

We also begin crate training and potty training.

By the time your puppy goes home with you he will be eating solid food, drinking from a bowl and a dog water bottle, and 97% potty pad trained.

I know this is a lot of information, but I want you to know you will be getting a quality, well cared for puppy from me. A lot goes into the care and training of your puppy before you even see them.

In-Flight pet nanny available, inquire if interested.

Please email me with any questions. I would be willing to share any information with you.


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