Purebred Kittens For Sale!

Scottish Fold/British
from $750.00
North Carolina - NC
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We have the purebred kittens of Scottish Fold/Straight of British type with rare and absolutely beautiful colors: Solid Chocolate, Chocolate Spotted; Tabby Spotted and Classic Red, Tortie, Solid Blue, Blue and Cream Spotted, Solid White and Silver! All kittens will have gold/copper eyes, some of them born with long hair (Highland Fold/Straight), but mostly short hair kittens.
They all gorgeous and have outstanding personalities!
Our kittens are well socialized, get really well with people and other animals in the household, very sweet, love to be pet and cuddled, great companions - they will follow you everywhere in the house! Some of them are very playful, some of them are really calm - would sleep on your lap all the time! But they are all very - we'll help you to choose the right one for you!

Our cats were announced as the Best, Second Best and Third Best in the Region and in the WORLD (!) in colors and in their breed of the show season 2019 year! Range of the price will depend on the kitten and your goals. The cost for the shipment is not included in the price, but in USA, to any state, it will be $250+ plus Pet Travel Carrier from $30.00-50.00. For more information please contact (text or call) Maria at (919)609-5106.😺

All kittens will be partly or fully vaccinated (depend of the age at the moment of the sale), de-wormed and flea regiment, spayed/neutered, potty trained, nail clipped, well-groomed and eating solid foods. In the sale contract we give one year of the genetic health guarantee for any kitten sold from our cattery.


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