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We have four male pups available. They were born June 9th, and will be available for rehoming on July 30th. They are purebred, but NOT registerable. Their mother, Roxie, is out of a purebred non-registered female, and a registered male. Their father, Blue, IS a registered purebred. These guys are totally adorable, and are very people friendly. They have been handled frequently since birth. Both sides of their genetics are working cowdogs. They will all be very cow savvy workers. Each pup is nicknamed for identification purposes. Willing to ship out of state to the right home, but the price of the shipment will be added on to the total pup price. The total price, as stated, is $450, and $200 of that total is expected to hold your pick. More pictures available, upon request, this website says allows 4 pictures, but will only let me upload two; that’s why they are collages.
The introductions are as follows:

Bubba is a black, white, and brown tri-color. He has 1 blue and 1 brown eye. His coat will be like his mother’s. Still long and kinda curly, but not as long as Blue’s.

Spot is a traditional black and white, and he has 2 blue eyes. He will have a super long coat like his dad. He’s already getting good size on him, and is the biggest of all these pups so far.

Eddie has a ALL WHITE face, except for the underside and a little of the outside of his left ear. We call him the bald eagle pup. He also has 2 blue eyes. He has a really soft coat, and his will be long like Blue’s as well.

Dudley has the most black of these pups. He will have two brown eyes. I love the brown eyes myself. Roxie’s brown eyes have such a sweet gentleness to them. He has a shorter coat like Bubba, and will most likely be kind of curly like Roxie’s.


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