Purebred Adult Doberman Pinscher


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Nov 30, 2019
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Doberman Pinscher
Las Vegas
Purebred Doberman Pinscher needs loving forever home.

(Please read entire description)

5 year old, male, 110lbs. He is healthy with no current health problems. Up to date on all vaccines. Neutered, fully potty trained and crate trained. He has had obedience training and knows all basic commands. He needs consistent walks and loves to be your hiking, running or biking partner! He loves to lay at your feet. He is affectionate with family and visitors. He is use to seeing new people regularly in the house. If you don’t give him attention when he asks, he will nudge you with his nose and put his face in front of your face with “puppy eyes.” He is not an outdoor only dog. We have had him inside since we purchased him from a breeder at 6 weeks olds.

Please research Doberman Pinschers before contacting. They are very strong, intelligent, loyal, high energy and territorial. Dobermans have strong instinct to always be near their owner as much as possible. Their loyalty has no bounds and they would do anything for their owner once they bond to you. They require owners who are very consistent with training and can spend time each day.

He is a natural guard dog with an intimidating bark. He will immediately alert you of any potential trespassers until you tell him it is okay. He has never bit or shown aggression toward a person (other than expected barking and growling at trespassers). Once you welcome the guest inside the home, he is loving.

He can be aggressive with other male dogs. One male dog in the family he loves, while the other he gets aggressive as soon as they are in sight. If any other dog comes near his toys, food or inside his kennel, he becomes territorial and aggressive (he has never shown this behavior toward a human touching his food or toys). For these reasons he needs a home with no other dogs. We have never let him meet a cat, so he is best in a home without cats as well. He is not suited for an owner who travels often and is not able to bring him with them. He is not best for first time dog owners.

We are asking a re homing fee of $200 to help insure he is going to a committed home and will not be sold for profit.
We are located in Las Vegas. Seriously interested people are more than welcomed to meet him and learn more about him. Message me for more info, photos and videos.


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