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Hi everyone, thanks for having interest in this posting I am currently a foster parent to a pure breed 10 month Shiba Inu named "Polo" he is currently for sale and I hope he finds a loving home. This dog has been with me due to the owners not being able to keep him, I was asked the favor and I could not say no to this guy. Having him has been a joy but I have my own little one to take care after and a couple of furry kids of my own.

Polo is so sweet and also shy but a very smart dog as the first day of having him I was able to train him to sit and within the couple days he was potty trained ( I can say my other dogs helped out with this:) He is very friendly with kids and other dogs, he is the most patient puppy but has to be on a leash at all times when on a walk since he like to play chase but Im sure a little training will make him the best companion.

He was purchased for $2300 not including his Medical check up and his belongings(crate,bed,toys,blanket,leashes&food)

Available: Now
Included:Health Cirtificate, DHLPP Vaccination shots, De-Worming, Xray Report
Microchip ID: 990000001983103
Flea medicated
Crate trained
No biting/chewing
Loves kids and other animals


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