Poodle Puppies for Sale in Sanborn, New York (Niagra Falls Area)



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Hi everyone!
We have a poodle that thinks she is human. She is so smart and such a good dog that we wanted another one of her. So my friend has a poodle that she wanted to keep his line going so we got them together. She has her puppy and I have my puppy , now we need to find homes for the other 6. They are AKC registered and 10 weeks old now. 4 males and 2 females. Mom is a cream and dad is silver but the puppies were all born black Although I feel like 4 of them will turn silver. Email, text or give me a call to come see them. You wont be sorry 716-799-4994


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Standard poodles

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Looking for a solid color male. My husband has really bad heart issues, he needs to walk and be more....active. I'm hoping a puppy will bring him joy and motivate him. We lost our last poodle 5yrs ago at 15yrs. They were inseparable. Unfortunately Nigel passed away on my birthday and his Father's wake was 3 days later. That's when all this started. It's been down hill from then. Please try to let me know
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