Please help! We don't want to put him down! Free to the right home!


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East Stroudsburg
Kuma is a gorgeous 2 year old Akita/tibetan mastiff mix who would make a great guard dog, or pet for the right owner. The right owner would be someone with no kids who knows how to deal with strong willed dogs. His immunizations are up to date, and he is neutered. He even comes with a cage!
We put him through training from 9 weeks to about 1.5 years and it helped. He listens to commands well. The issue is that he has been aggressive toward our 12-year-old autistic boy and others and we dont know when it will happen or why. We are first time dog owners and the dog is more than we can handle. We dont know how to read him. He needs a behaviorist or more training and we just dont have the time or the resources to continue training him because we have a new baby on the way and it will be here in 10 weeks. We have been trying to get him into a rescue for about a year now and no one will help because he is not abused. Our only other option is to get put him down but for the right owner he could be a great dog.
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Have you tried taking your son to training. With giant breeds it is recommended that the children take a position of authority and training is the best, quickest way. If your son has the ability to attend classes great, if not you may be able to figure out games at home. Akita's are hard headed and challenge their owners. They also have extreme guardian instincts. Akita's are only for experienced owners.

I am an English Mastiff owner and they are wonderful, hand headed and NOT for a first time dog owners but a Tibetan Mastiff is breed to guard aggressively for hundreds of yeary by the monks they protect. The ones brought out of tibetan (very recently) have been know to be even more aggressive and when they breed the issues just multiple (never breed an aggressive dog. Tibetan Mastiff's are only for the MOST EXPERIENCED owner.

I am assuming being autistic your son may make gestures that confuse the dog and most dog actually obey commands by your body language not the wordS self. If your son spent time training him (with a special treat he only get from your son..must be high value, I used cut up hot dog), he may start to understand your son better and not react poorly. It's almost like he needs to learn to speak his language.

I am so sorry for you.
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I live in Tulsa and have a strong desire to desire the dog but first would like to see a photo or 2.
Please email to me at [email protected]
Thanking you in advance,

Mike Manley

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It has been a while since your original post. I have always enjoyed large dogs. Have actually built an Air Conditioned structure just for them as Tulsa is warm for a couple of months in the summer but great otherwise.
Presently, there is an Akita and a Bernese Mountain dog both Female on site. Although, I have room for a couple more but they need to be unique and special for me to devote future years and continual care and training to. Hence, my request for some photos as IF allowed I would want to become your dogs permanent home while I continue to send you photos of his life with me.
[email protected]
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