Platinum Mosaic & Standard Family Sugar Gliders for Sale in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina North Carolina 

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Sugar Gliders
Conway (Near Myrtle Beach)
South Carolina - SC
Amazing family of sugar baby family needs to be rehomed. I have 3 gliders.

The parents are Snow and Gizmo. Snow, female, is mostly white,(Platinum Mosaic) 22 months old and super friendly.
Gizmo, male, (Standard) is 2 years 1/2 years old and altered/neutered.
Joey, male, (White face standard) was OOP August 12th. They are all healthy. The enclosure comes with toys, pouches, food, feeding dishes, water dishes, a new wheel, included with rehoming fees. And the enclosure itself. I'm asking small rehoming fees because I want a good home. Gizmo and Snow must stay together. It would be amazing if someone would like the entire family! They get along very well, but if Joey and Snow are in the same cage, Joey needs to be neutered. They are currently eating the Critter Love Complete Diet with meal worms, yogurt bites and fresh little treats.

If rehomed separately, I'm asking:
$100 for Joey born out of pouch on 8/12.

Snow and Gizmo must go as a pair because they are bonded and are $250.
I will rehome all of them together with everything mentioned above for $350. Serious inquiries only. I will not answer questions already answered in this ad. Please read post clearly and have a blessed day.


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