Pittbull/Bulldog Mix - Brindle Female - Hinesville, GA

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Pitbull/Bulldog Mix
This dog is known as a BullyPit. It is a Bulldog/Pit Mix. She is very very beautiful and will grow to a medium height. She will not be thick, but she will be very strong and poised. She is very loving and will take all of the attention she can get. She is great with kids and loves to play with them. She will be 6 months old on October 17th, 2019. I absolutely LOVE this puppy! However, we have moved to a new home and the landlord will not allow us to keep her. If you decide you want my puppy, I will have to see your home just to ensure you have a fence. These dogs need plenty of room to run. If they get bored, they can be a handful. They take lots of time and attention. I prefer the person who takes her to have some experience with "hard-headed" puppies because she doesn't listen well yet and she is still hyper - like a puppy should be. She still needs some training and this will take some patience. She has had her first set of shots and I am giving her another set this weekend. When I got her she didn't have them yet. I have also fully dewormed her. We can negotiate a price when I talk to you. I am more interested in finding her a great home than I am worried about money. I REALLY LOVE THIS PUPPY and I am so sad to have to let her go.

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