Pit Bull/Blue Tick Hound Mix Puppies for Sale Indiana 



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Pit bull blue tick hound mix
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Oct 9th 2019
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I have 3 males and 1 female that are 25% blue tick hound and 75% pit bull mixed puppies.
Polar Bear white, gray splashes with light brown stripes. M
Panda bear resembles a panda. M
Howler grey and white. M
Panthra grey, white belly and paws. F.
They are 8 weeks old. With the 3 adults inn my home i don't have big enough house or yard for all them to stay.

Must be to a good loving home, as they are cuddly, playful, loving, adorable cute babies that make great work and nanny dogs.

My work schedule doesn't permit enough time for them to be well taken care of as they deserve.
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