Peekapoo Mommy in Park Rapids, Minnesota

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Park Rapids
Minnesota - MN
Hi my name is Jessica, my two kids and I raise Peekapoos we fell in love with the breed ten years ago and have been raising these amazing fur babies since. We have three pekignese Xena, Macy, and Leyah. Three peekapoos Annah, Venus, and Aria. And a poodle named Echo. We love our babies and are excited to share our family with you. All our babies are in the home and take turns being in charge and all have to sleep with one of us. Our puppies are not kenneled until bedtime and they know when they get tired they go cuddle up in their homes and nap.
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Happy New Year 🎆
Just checking to see if you have any puppies available and to know the price . If not available can you put me on a waiting list ? Thanks hope all is well .
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