Nine Month Old Great Dane

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Great Dane
I purchased scooby from a pet boutique on May 21st of this year at the age of 2 months old. He was an instant fit with my family and their dogs. (but at this point they have 6, so they are not an option) The babies that we exposed him to on day one were both under 1 and he has done great with all of the kids he has come in contact with. We NEVER started the "jump up" thing so at this point his is NOT jumping up on people.

He needs some more room to run that is fenced in. He generally sticks around me when we go out and play at mom's farm, but every once in awhile I will have to stop what I'm doing to locate him and bring him back to where we are.

His biggest flaw is that he has no idea is any bigger then the Shitzu my mom has. He will govern himself when it comes to food and not overeat and drinks a metric ton of water every day.

Looking for someone who will allow him to play in their yard or at least take him on a long walk every day.


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