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Hey everybody, I just found this site. My husband and I breed German Shepherds. We both handle general dog care, and I do most of the planning involving probable genetic outcomes. We only have 1 breeding female, solid black and highly intelligent; therefore,we can give her proper attention and focus and help her with the puppies.
We both love German Shepherds, and always try to choose breeding partners that will maintain/improve the overall health of the breed, while keeping both the versatility and beauty of the breed uncompromised.
Our setup is still fairly small at this time, but we put a great amount of focus on quality. Our puppies are born indoors, where their mother is most comfortable and safe. They have 1/4 acre fenced in to play in when they take their first trip outside, and have several trips enjoying the 2-3 acres that isn’t fenced in.
Newton Shepherds always tries to introduce many different experiences to our pups, to properly socialize them. We’re always improving our complete list of stimuli, but it includes meeting all sorts of people, including children, hearing various noises including vacuum cleaners, drills & saws, loud music, and video games with gunshots. We don’t just run down a checklist with them either; time is taken to really show them that the new experiences can be positive things.
We won’t make ridiculous promises about our puppies having no fears(goals), but we do everything possible to show them that they don’t have to fear everything.
Our goal is to produce puppies that are the picture of health, and to raise them in a way that sets them up for success in whatever they go on to do from here once they join their new families.


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