Newfoundland Puppy for Sale in Fort Madison, Iowa

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Fort Madison
Iowa - IA
Newfoundland Puppy for Sale- 5mo old Brown Male- Well trained and great personality! De-wormed and vaccinated!

Hank loves people, kids and other animals, he is gentle, loves to play (especially with his tennis ball), he is potty trained, trained not to chew on anything except his toys, he knows the come and sit command and is very smart to learn more tricks. He is the perfect dog and it breaks my heart to let him go but I need to move to a place that does not accept dogs and I want what is best for Hank. I have his papers from the Vet, breeder, and Newfoundland breed information (I can email all this to you beforehand if you are considering buying him), I bought him in September from a good reputable breeder in Ohio for $900 and I will sell him for $800 since he is 2 months older than when I got him. I will give him to a loving home that will take good care of him. If you live outside of Iowa, there are good transportation services that will take him to you, I drove 9 hours to pick him up and he was worth it! He is very affectionate and loyal- and one of the best parts that is rare in newfoundlands- Hank does not drool!! This is a great attribute and makes cleaning easier- if I could keep him I would because it will be almost impossible to find another like him with this many good qualities. I also was training him not to bark, but occasionally when people walk by the house and he is outside he will bark. If this is a quality you would like I am sure you can train him to bark more often. He is well socialized (taking him to the dog park, walks, neighbors, etc.) and can be shy at first but once he warms up to you he love to give kisses! I like this but he can be trained not to if that's what you prefer.


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