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Apr 11, 2019
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It's been requested that we add some sort of Verified Seller identification on our website and today we've done just that. The purpose of this identification is to add credibility to a trusted breeder or seller here on PetClassifieds.US. While nothing in this world is 100% secure or guaranteed, we'll try our best to add only the most trusted of the trusted into this esteemed group. Take a look at how this new badge will appear:


For now, we will be adding members to this group manually on a case by case basis. If you'd like to gain access, you'll need to jump through a few hoops. The benefit to you can be substantial. As you can probably guess, there can be some trust issues out there when it comes to buying, selling, and adopting pets on the internet. One never truly knows who is on the other side of a transaction. By having a Verified Seller badge that is displayed on every one of your posts with us, visitors will know they can trust you. With that in mind, you'll need to:

- Create a video that includes you, your pets that are currently for sale or adoption, and a piece of paper that has the current date and "PETCLASSIFIEDS.US" written on it. Speak in the video and show us the piece of paper with the aforementioned information on it. Be as clear as possible. We'll be reviewing this video for legitimacy. Also, don't be quick about this video. When filming, be as descriptive as you can and show as much as possible. Really show off your pets.

- Upload that video to YouTube or Facebook. As long as it has a URL that you can embed in a post here on PetClassifieds.US, it's fine.

- Log into your account here on the site and visit the Breeders area. Write up a nice description of your services (after reading the instructions that describe how to do this). Then, paste the link to your video in your breeders post. The video should embed for all to see. Be sure to keep the video live forever as it will remain on this website. We won't be removing it. This video will be evidence of your verification.

- Have a few threads already posted on our website. Be sure your proper/accurate city and state has been added to your account. We'll be checking your IP address.

- It would help greatly if you have also upgraded your account to a Pro Member account. While there is no cost to become a Verified Seller, there is a cost to upgrade to Pro Member. By upgrading, we'll receive payment information that we can cross-check with your IP address, geographic account information, and email address.

- Encourage those who have purchased a pet from you to write testimonials and add them to your Breeders introduction post.

- When this has been completed and when you think you've met the requirements for inclusion into this group, please send a message with the subject of VERIFIED SELLER. Include your information and we'll take a look at your account. If we feel you meet the requirements, we'll add you at once.

I think that's it for now. If I decide to add anything else, I'll update this post. Also, if you have any ideas, please share them below. Thanks!
New Verified Seller Feature was posted on 06-07-2021 by Admin in the Information & Announcements forum.

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