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Kansas - KS
Good morning all! I love animals-all kinds. I am especially a dog lover, having had dogs my whole life. The one I most bonded with was my Milou (he was named after a French cartoon character). Milou was a Bichon/Westie-Weechon-that I resuced in ;08 when he was 2. I had him for 11 years, and last Jan., he went into kidney failure. I had to put him down. Horrible day. I still hurt so bad from losing him-he was my little boy. I would take him with me everywhere. Of all my dogs, he was my I have 2 German Shepherd puppies, they were born 2 days after Milou went to heaven. My girls are sisters-very challenging but I train them separately, and they are inseparable. I also rescued a yellow tabby 2 years ago from my neighbor's tree(was taking care of their animals-chickens, dogs, cats). I had to climb up a tree with a ladder to get her down-she was a kitten then. Couldn't find a home for her, then we bonded so now she's with me. My first cat ever-I was very allergic for years but now apparently not! I also have 6 cats that am fostering, and that's what brought me here-I need good homes for them. I am keeping one kitten-a male Main Coon mix. He's adorable! One day, I'll have goats, and chickens too! Hope I find good homes for those cats!!
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