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Oct 26, 2019
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Hello, I’m a graduate student that is presently using this platform to find loving homes for a litter of AKC registered Standard Poodles that i co-own with my mother.

I have posted more background/insight in the Breeder section.

I’m a single, young woman just focusing on my graduate studies at the moment. There is much else to say to such a broad community. I was born & raised in Houston and enjoy city life. My long term goals include getting a well-paid job to afford the responsibilities that come with marriage, such as purchasing a home so that I can plan a family. I would like a small family, possibly one child and to own my Condo inside the City. My long-term academic goals are to ultimately become a professor at a University level.

Our dogs are privately own pets and they were my mothers choice. If I were to get my own home in the future I could see myself investing in a much smaller breed of registered dogs, such as a Maltese, for example, and possibly keeping them as pets with planned litters. I prefer small companion dogs but my mother’s father always had large dogs, such as Doberman Pinschers.

It used to be you only bred dogs to improve the breed standard, not just to gross profit. If I were to decide to invest in a particular breed and breed dogs in the future I would like to stay true to form as there are many unregistered dogs being bred & sold without true disclosure of who their parents were. We had Minature Pinschers when I was a teenager and had no trouble selling them but maybe had 3 litters over the course of 10 years. Nowadays I struggle to just get exposure before getting called a Breeder, etc, but I think that’s its so competitive with dog selling/flipping that people just flag others to eliminate the competition, especially when your dog is registered and better cared for than the dogs they are advertising. My mother pays for the vet expenses and they do add up fast, so to be honest, we try to act responsibly rather than just seeking to garner a profit. Standard Poodles should have their tails docked to meet show requirements, and we aim to have them primed for a future with the most potential and those expenses come out-of-pocket or from the previous litter sale.

We are regular people with jobs or seeking studies to have jobs who also happen to own a breeding pair of registered dogs. Thank you for your interest.
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