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Hello Everyone,

We've got an exciting new feature to share with you. I love this one because it's going to make your lives so much easier when it comes to you finding the perfect pet the quickest way possible.

Okay, the big challenge for pet classifieds sites like this one (and any ecommerce or classifieds site for that matter) has always been how to get all of the information we have stored in our giant database to you the way you want to see it. So, if you're someone who's looking for a new German Shepherd puppy in the state of California, how would you filter out all of the German Shepherds in all the other states in our great nation, while just leaving the dogs in California to browse through? We do happen to have a robust search feature on this website, but even that can't get you where you need to be as fast as the feature we just set up and are continuing to roll out across our entire site.

I am proud to introduce what's referred to as "Prefixes." Really, these prefixes are simple filters. If you take a look at the German Shepherds for sale category, you'll see a few of them in action right now. We've set up five or six of them to see how they work out. It'll take a few days of testing to make sure we want to roll this out everywhere and even then, it'll take some time. We'll start off with the larger categories first, such as Pitbulls and Yorkies, and then continue on with the smaller categories.

To use these new filters, all you need to do is click on one of them. So if you're looking for a German Shepherd in California, like I mentioned above, simply click on any California icon that sits to the left of any listing in this category. What this will do is filter out all of the German Shepherd ads that aren't from California, leaving behind just the ads you're interested in. This is sort of like the feature Amazon offers when you're searching for shoes. Find the shoe brand you like and then click size 12. All other sizes will disappear, leaving you with just size 12 shoes. It's so handy.

Once you click California, you'll notice that only California ads are showing in the category. If you want to remove that filter, all you need to do is scroll to the top of the listings and click the "X" next to the filter. That will bring you back to the normal view where all the listings show. Then you can click another state if you wish.

Please let me know what you think of this new filter feature and tell me if it helps with your search. I love reading opinions.