My Black Lab Onyx

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Like so many others, I took a great number of photographs of my dogs--at the beach, especially--I have Labradors, but also in my own backyard. I'm going to focus on Onyx tonight. Onyx is the son of my last Lab, also named Onyx. He is a rambunctious and playful boy who is nearly as full of himself now at the age of 8, as he was as a puppy


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Onyx has a mind of his own and unless I make him precede me out the door, he has my 6 at all times entering or exiting the house. He insists on walking me--and he can't seem to get out the door on his own but has to supervise me going out before him. He is a water-dog and I think at times he can walk on water--I've seen him do it too often to believe I'm mistaken


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Even as a puppy he was fascinated with the hose, splashing water and the birdbath-pond I created in my front yard--what a soggy doggie! In the last photo shown here, he slipped on a floating banana peel--the look of surprise on his face cracks me up!


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Excellent story and photos David! I love seeing Onyx in this type of environment. It looks like he's having the time of his life!

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Being home all the time, Onyx and the rest of the crew tirelessly train me--it makes them very happy dogs to get their way so often, lol
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