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Mix either Turkish Van, Ragdoll, or Maine Coon Mix.
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mixed breed female about a year old, I was told either Maine Coon Mix, or Ragdoll, or even a Turkish Van Mix, not sure what she is mixed with, she is out of a horrific situation, this little gal is a very friendly super cuddle bug once she figures out you won't hurt her. I will try to get more pictures of her, she spends the day sleeping in a spot I can't get to her. She is very clean and has on a flea treatment till the middle of Aug. she is not fixed, But have her on a waiting list, so for now there is a small re homing fee and prefer a vet reference, but will work with someone on not having one if the situation is right. Please help me find her the most loving home possible, she is ok with cats, but not sure about dogs and kids She has slept with me at night, she will follow me around, she is a purrer. She likes to put her paws on my chest and nuzzle my face when she is standing up. a kisser, she needs someone who will love and care for her, and treat her like the queen she is. sorry not the best pic, can get more, she is jsut on the move when she is out and about, this will change when she is in a home of her own but its hot so she is also looking for a cooler place to sleep.


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