Sold Miniature Schnauzer For Adoption in Chesapeake, Virginia


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Miniature schnauzer
Date Born
January 3, 2019
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He is a 7 month old blue Merle. He is the sweetest ball of energy you will ever meet! We are having to move and are very saddened to find out that we will not be able to take our little boy with us. We are looking for a great home for him. He is great with kids, he plays with our 4 year old son all the time. He has never been around cats but he is great with other dogs! He is up to date on his shots, not neutered, also doesn’t have papers because we didn’t want to breed him. He also has a crate he sleeps in and does great with, potty training is going great but still has very few accidents. Also right now he doesn’t have his skirt we had to get it all cut off and groomer attempted to do this summer schnauzer cut.