Miniature Australian Shepherd for Sale

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Australian Shepherd
Cooper is a 5 year old dog, he just turned 5 in January. Cooper weighs 44 pounds, he is a miniature Australian Shepherd but is a little on the bigger side. Cooper was bought by us when he was just a puppy. Cooper was apart of an accidental litter from two merle Australian Shepherds. Cooper is a protective dog and will cling to one owner. He can become defensive around his owner if he is not introduced first to strangers. After introduction and a little warming up to, he is a very loving dog who loves belly rubs and playing fetch. He is good with cats and good with dogs smaller than him. Larger dogs can intimidate him and will just require more warming up to. Cooper can become defensive around his toys and food, but I have another dog (Chihuahua) living in my house and the food bowls and toys are left lying around. I am looking to re-home Cooper because I am just too busy and cannot provide adequate exercise for him which he very much needs. Cooper is a much better dog when exercised. Please email me at [email protected] for more information!!
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