Mini Golden Doodle, Female Puppy, Named: Diva - PENDING RESERVATION



Mini Golden Doodle Designer puppy
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P e n d i n g RESERVATION !
This gorgeous teddy-version Mini Golden Doodle/Bichon FEMALE designer puppy is smart and intelligent, agile, super affectionate, loyal, and playful. Weight is predicted to be between 11-12 lbs. Excellent family dog with children seven years and up. This puppy is 100% hypo-allergenic and has NO HAIR LOSS. The coat is super soft, silky, shiny, thick and fluffy and does not mat easy. Potty pad and create training starts at week 5-6 and needs to be continued for best results. Puppy is on soft puppy chow with daily puppy formula. Two series of puppy shots were administered, which include Corona Virus. Rabies shot is due at 5-6 months of age through a vet only. Your new puppy comes with a free starter kit and three years of free yearly vaccines through us, as well as yearly free photo shoots for your album. Call/text: 209-596-7053 to reserve you one of the best breeds and quality available.


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