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I have 2 boy micro pitbull puppies about 4 months old. They are great dogs, but at the moment I cannot get them to their full potential due to me working all the time and having 2 young kids. (I was in over my head when I purchased them...). They are very smart and know how to wait for their food and wait to get out of their cages. I am still in the process of potty training them, but they are getting better. I am asking for $1000 EACH because for both of them I paid $2300. I would prefer that they are sold together since they’ve been together all this time, but if you can only take one I totally understand. We’ve named them Rico and Suave, but of course, you can always change their names with them being so young. One of them is very hyper and playful, while the other one is just as playful but more mellow. They do great around kids as well. They have had their first round of shots and have been dewormed.

PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY... if you are not truly interested in buying them, please DO NOT contact me.

I prefer to be texted at 214-258-8676. Thank you..


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