Male Standard Poodle for Sale Near Seattle, Washington

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standard poodle
camano island
8 month apricot male standard poodle for sale

beautiful standard male poodle for sale , lots of personality needs home where he is only dog and owner has time to give him. I have to many dogs and he wants to dominate them . him being much larger than others is not a good . he is friendly and would make someone the companion you have dreamed of . he sits , stays , go to bed , come and go. wants to be a companion. he bathes and likes to be clipped. he is well behaved when other dogs are not around . and is very smart but wants to dominate the others. he likes to talk will bark but mostly talks. he is a good traveler and likes to go .he is older than this pic so taller but same. I want good home for him he is purebred but has no papers. am asking 300.00 to find him a good home. and he is worth every penny. if you are interested in meeting rusty please call 360-387-7258


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Standard poodles

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Would be willing to donate him as a companion? My husband has congestive heart failure w/flutter a-fib
And uncontrolled diabetes. He has to exercise more, his doctors say. He is so depressed. He went from a stud to dud, now being 300lbs. I can't go walking as much as I use to because I have to be around the house more often because our Mothers are afraid to be alone. Please think about it.
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