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German Shepherd
We are looking for a family for our German Shepherd. Potential family must have a large yard as our boy requires a lot of space to get his energy out. Our German Shepherd goes by the name of Groot. He will be a year old in November. He has all of his shots up to date. He has been microchipped and neutered. We are unable to keep him as we do not have adequate space or the time to devote to him. Groot has not been socialized around a lot of other people, so it does take him a little bit to warm up to others. He enjoys long walks and belly rubs. He has been raised with our 15 year old Boston Terrier and has played with larger dogs at some doggy day camps. Groot is protective of his family, especially the children. He has never been aggressive towards anyone but he can be intimidating because he is close to 100lbs and still a puppy. He needs a family with a large yard as he loves running and tends to get anxious when he is alone. He has been crate trained and loves sleeping in his crate. He has also been potty trained using a doggy door. If you are interested, please let me know. Serious inquiries only. We would love a family that would be willing to send us pictures or updates on how Groot is doing.

Please do not solicit me for other services.


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