Male German Shepherd for Adoption in Killeen, Texas


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German Shepherd
PLEASE NOTE: Rehoming fee is only to cover medical expenses from shots and being fixed.

This 8 month old baby thinks he is a lap dog. He was raised around an elderly dog and a cat. He absolutely loves to play Frisby and will play all day if you are willing. He has a fair amount of training with the basic command. We work regularly with him on commands and leash training.

While protective, he's ultimately a big baby when confronted. He prefers to scare someone he deems dangerous instead of attacking and stops once he's told to. NEVER had an incident with anyone. We believe he will be a great guard dog one day.

With that said he has not really been around it bitty mids before. While he isn't a vicious dog he can be rambunctious. If you have tiny toys please keep this in mind as he himself is a tiny toy in this stage of life.

He is already fixed, has his rabies and already has his most recent shots. He will come with a collar, a copy of his FULL medical records for your vet, a few toys (especially his frisbees) and his pillow bed.

Main reasons we have to find a new home for him:

1) We are working more and more to make ends meet and are possibly going to end up moving due to financial situations. Most affordable places will not allow him.

2) He needs a home with more space than an apartment will offer. He is a VERY high energy dog and needs a yard and plenty of play time for him to be happy and so he'll be trainable.

Any rehoming fee is only to cover medical costs.

If interested please email or message directly.


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