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Hello we are Diana and Amber.
We are here looking for homes for our five beautiful AKC registered Siberian Husky puppies. The reason we decided to breed our Husky was because we found our beautiful girl diamond in the sky 4 years ago this July ,well that's when she was born. She made our lives so full of love and we wanted to see if we could find a male to breed with well we found the male. In the end the male needed to be sold so we bought him instead of paying the breeding fee now we have two beautiful Huskies who have beautiful attitudes and are so loving and they are great companion dogs for my mom and for our 4 children. Now we know that to have a husky is a lot of work ,we really want a home that is going to take a fur baby and we would love our puppies to go to that home. We didn't mean to breed the second litter it kind of just happened on accident one afternoon and now we have these beautiful puppies our second litter and very last litter we did not want to be breeders we just wanted to see if our babies would make beautiful babies ,and they have very smart beautiful babies but selling them has been a very big struggle. We have put a lot of love and time into these puppies and their care and well-being we now need to find homes for them to go to a fur ever home and we're hoping that here we can find that and not have to lower our standards or our price and worry about what's going to happen next with the puppies. The Fur Babies are ready to be trained their ready to go home we just need to find the right homes for them. We've taken our puppies to the vet since they were two days old they have been dewormed and have their first set of shots. We will have them chipped and we will AKC register them and the owner only needs to worry about paying the deposit meeting the parents and then coming back to pick up the puppy after it has been chipped and is ready to go with the vet records. We are hoping that the standards of this site are like ours...
Safety and Security of the future of the puppies that were sending home!!!
Thank you very much we're happy to be here and we hope to meet five new fur parents very soon .
Diana and Amber


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Whoops, I see you have already done that.
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