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Jul 8, 2019
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Ball Python
Ohio - OH
Lots of Ball pythons $60-$175 Extras.

Hello Everyone. I Figured id post an ad with all my for sale Ball Pythons in one easy place.:) This is a must see ad for anyone looking to start a collection or add on to one.
I am a local private breeder trying to down size some of my Collection and im here to answer any questions you may have.:)

(1.0=One male / 0.1=One Female/ 1.1=One male,One female)
Today i have for you 10 Ball pythons Extras.

Last weighed (1-24-15)
0.1-2011 Normal Proven Breeder 1931 Grams. Eating live medium rats once a week (Possibly gravid by a Spotnose ball) Last 2yrs has laid a clutch of 9 healthy eggs. $75 OBO

2.0 Spotnose One is 2013 other is 2014. 2013 is Currently breeding to the Normal above ^ (have personally seen 4 locks.) hes feeding on live small rats once a week. 807 grams. 2014 spotnose is feeding on live mice once per week he was last weighed on (2-12-14) and weighed 69 grams. 2013-$125 / 2014-$100 OBO

0.1-2012 Spider 973 grams (Ready to breed this coming season) Eating live small rats once a week. $150 OBO

1.0-2013 Vanilla 417 grams (Ready to breed this coming season) Eating live small rats once a week. $125 OBO

Last weighed (2-12-15)
0.1-2014 YellowBelly Het. Hypo 223 grams Eating live Mice once a week. $100 OBO

2.0-2014 Het. Pied Biggest weighed 229 grams Smallest weighed 102 grams. Both feeding on mice once a week. $60 for one $100 for both OBO

0.1-2014 66% Het. Tsk Axanthic 71 grams currently feeding on small live mice one a week. $75 OBO

1.0-2014 Spider hidden gene Woma het. hypo 50% Albino currently feeding on Small live mice once a week. $175
This is the only one that is not OBO. I am VERY firm on this price so please don't ask me to take any less. They normally sell for $250.
But due to the Spider gene this snake happens to have a VERY minimum head wobble that most people would never even notice but I'm not the guy to hide such a thing from my customers. Honesty and reliability are key in this business. With that being said i am firm on this price and believe it is a reasonably fair deal.

If all snakes in this ad are to be sold I Have a snake rack. Big sized tubs and Small sized Tubs. Thermostat. Heat Tape. Water bowls and scale to weigh snakes that i will also sell. Once i get more info on these items i will post prices for them as well.

P.S- I Will send Up to Date Pictures and Weights of all Snakes upon request. Same goes for the Extra items.

P.P.S- If you're not a serious buyer please do not reply to my ad unless you have Reasonable questions. Please and Thank you.

This is my first time using this site as i was referred here by a good friend of mine. I Will check this site and my email on a regular basis. If any snakes are sold i will Update this ad accordingly. Thank you everyone for your time. I am a fair guy and im willing to work with you on prices and other aspects of our deal. Thanks again.


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Sep 10, 2019
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Can optional shipping be discussed


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Jul 4, 2021
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Do you have a number I can contact?
Lots of Ball Python Snakes + Extras for Sale was posted on 09-06-2019 by CampFireJack in the Snakes forum.
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