Looking to Rehome My Flock of Zebra Finches


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Zebra Finches
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They are a mixture of males and females, 15, all related, between approximately 3-7 years old. They were born and raised in a 8'H x 5'W x 6.5'L interior Florida porch as their aviary equipped with large windows, open cages, swings, and tons of perches, so they are flighted and have never been caged. They must all be rehomed together, as many are bonded, and since they are flighted, there is no way to ensure that bonded pairs stay together if trying to catch them for separate sales. They would need to go into a large aviary or very large cage. They were also raised with 2 cats who they are not afraid of, so they would need to go to a home that is either very bird-friendly, or cat/dog-free entirely, in case they get free in the home. I am willing to deliver them within 50 miles of I-225/E. Alameda Ave. in Aurora. I must insist that they go to a bird-lover's home and not to a commercialized breeder who will only split them up, resell them, or house them in small cages or an unsafe environment. I'm looking for their forever home. I can also provide a large, nearly full, like-new tub of finch food pellets. I would like a $10 rehoming fee for each bird. Please ask if you have any questions.
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