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Chihuahua Mixes
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I'm looking to rehome two sweet pups who were found abandoned in the woods just before Thanksgiving and have been learning what life is like here in the city. Meet Ozzy and Pepper!

Ozzy is a 2 year old male Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix. He’s recently been neutered and had his first dental cleaning. He is a bit underweight at 12lbs, his current goal weight is 18lbs - but putting on the pounds should be easy since he LOVES treats! Ozzy is very good natured and affectionate, he loves his head scratched and will lean into you. He is also the first one to let you know if anyone suspicious is outside and would make a great little guard dog.

Pepper is a 3 year old female Chihuahua mix who weighs in at a mighty 8 lbs! She has yet to be spayed, and I think she might be Ozzy’s mother. She is super affectionate and loves giving kisses! Pepper will happily sit snuggled on your lap all day, as long as a few belly rubs are involved.

Both have been to the vet and have both had their first rounds of vaccines and have a clean bill of health! Ozzy and Pepper both do well in their shared kennel and have pretty much got potty training down. Both already know how to "sit" for treats, and could easily learn more with some regular one-on-one training! Ozzy and Pepper love meeting new people and are very friendly with strangers so far. They’ve been good with the few dogs they have met and have been pretty unbothered by my cats!

My landlord is allowing me to foster them but will not allow me to keep them - and I work too much to give them the time they deserve. Ozzy and Pepper are looking for quiet homes where they’ll get daily walks and be allowed to live inside as close members of the family. They are pretty low energy dogs and just want to nap on the couch near their humans! Both dogs would be happy to go to a home together, but I believe they will do well separated too! I’m asking a $50 rehoming fee each (to cover some of the vaccines), and they will come with food, a few soft toys, training treats, and their leashes! Please email if you have any questions or would like to meet them!


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