Looking for a Family for my Swiper

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June 13, 2020
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Anybody interested in buying a 6 month old 11 lbs puppy? I can't keep him due to a surgery that I'll be having really soon and will not be able to take care of him,his name is Swiper he is really friendly super intelligent and loves and needs affection and attention. He likes to dig,likes having ice put in his water bowl every now and then,he loves squeeky toys and balls and loves to play with your sandals or flipflops,he will nibble on them but does NOT and has NEVER destroyed or damaged any of our shoes,he just likes to play with us like that(I post this about him so he won't get hit or punish.),tell him NO or give it to me and he will obey,he will sometimes take it back but you can tell when he wants to play with you and the shoe,he takes it from you and he wants you to chase him with it and tickle him or cuddle him he loves playing like that with one of my kids IMG_20210102_163823564.jpg . He does shed,his hair is an easy clean up though, but if you don't like shedding pets Swiper is NOT for you. Best if he goes to a family with kids. He understands Spanish and English and he is completely potty trained he will sometimes tinkle a little when excited or nervous/scared, he knows a couple of commands,super easy to train since he is so smart. He is a great family dog and will protect your home. Please only people who will have time and the energy for him and don't mind the shedding and that WILL Not use him for breeding.
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