Labrador Puppies for Sale Near Richmond, Virginia - Born December 6th

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Labrador puppies just born December 6th--ready to meet their new owners early February

My Chocolate Labrador, Xena, just bore 8 puppies Dec 6th. Xena is AKC but never registered. Sire, Onyx, is unregistered full-blood Black Labrador (carrying yellow)

Puppies number 4 Yellow Labs, 1 Chocolate Lab and 3 Black Labs--and they are gorgeous! The yellow Labs are shaded a very pale brown around head, back and shoulders. Xena will hardly leave them to go outside, and she stays with them until I ask her if she wants to go out, and sometimes even then she won't leave them.

As photos are made available and a count of males vs females is known, I will post this info--I am asking $500 for each pup, same as before, and I will be accepting non-refundable deposits of $200 per puppy--please be sure of your commitment!

I can be contacted. I am having issues with my eyes and prefer to speak to potential buyers. I am selective and seek to re-home my dogs to families with fenced yards and guarantees that the pups will be 'family members' and merely kenneled outside

Pups will be on moistened hard food by 6 weeks, will be given their first 5-way shots and wormed by 8 weeks

Photos include Xena nursing, the pups themselves, the pup's sire, Onyx, and a photo of their last litter


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