Labradoodle With Different Look

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We are selling our Labradoodle puppy. She was born last December. We met her mom (full poodle) and her dad (labradoodle) but she does have a different looking face. She is very kid friendly with our three children and she stays outside mostly during the day but comes inside sometimes during bad weather and sleeps inside in her crate overnight. She’s very playful and energetic but does fine playing by herself and their backyard during the day. She has been crate trained since she was little she doesn’t ever have an accident in there. She doesn’t bark a lot. She does like to chew on her chewy toys. She has been given her flea and tick medicine every month and her heartworm prevention every month. She is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations. We have all of the papers and it is all documented when she got what. She was spayed this past July and got a microchip also. She is mostly tan with a little black on the very surface of her back fur. Her face looks German Sheppard like, but you can see the doodle in her fur. We believe she is full grown.
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