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Feb 15, 2020
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Mixed - Lab & German Shepherd
I have a 3 year old female dog that is in need of a loving home. Her name is Cali, and she is a mixed breed that I bought from the animal shelter 3 years ago. We have another dog, German Shepard that Cali has been around since she was a puppy. Cali is house broken, but LOVES to be outside! She knows the basic commands of sit, stay, lay down and shake and can be walked on a leash. Up until this year, I've never had a problem with her. We live in a neighborhood and have a big fenced in back yard. She manages to get out and roam around the neighborhood, but always comes back! However we cannot allow her to roam freely as she wishes due to the respect of our neighbors. Cali is a sweet, loving dog & is great around children, and she's great around other dogs too! As much as she gets out, she has never bit or even barked at a person. For as long as I've had Cali, she has never barked. I don't know if that's because of my sister treating her like a human baby her first year or what. Literally this dog has never barked, she will whine when she wants to come in. . or if she wants something lol. The only downside is that Cali likes to get out of our fence, and she digs. Her digging may very well be just her way of trying to escape. .

I hate that I have to give her away, and I hope that I can find someone or I'll have to surrender her :(. I don't have the space that she needs when she's outside, and she needs a lot of land (with few or no neighbors around). Please respond to this post if you are looking for a loving, sweet family dog with a space for her to roam and play, but still have her inside. I will be taking her this week to the groomers, and to make sure she is up-to-date on all of her shots.

Cali comes with the following for free:
- Collar
- Chest harness
- Leash
- Toys
- 20lbs of dog food (She's been fed the same for 3 years)


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