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she's about a year old, have had her 8 months, she spent her first three with three litter-mates. she spends much of her time alone; however, she is well behaved (for a lonely kitten), healthy, clean, energetic, needs company. i work a lot and a baby is on the way; we won't have the time or space for kitty. i'm really trying to avoid sending her to a shelter, i want her to have a home and not a cage or to be put down. i have a bunch of stuff i won't need anymore, some of it free, some of it i plan to sell for a reasonable price (we spent over 200 bucks on everything). she is fixed and has a rabies shot though is a strictly indoors cat.

she's a really good cat, very affectionate. if i'm sitting and don't have my back flush against the chair she will hop behind me and wedge herself between my back and the chair. her name is dottie. she's well fed-- free-fed dry (purina naturals indoor) food and a 3oz can of wet food per day. pine pellet litter. fresh bowl of cold water each morning. she needs a good home.


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