Katie Feiler and North Land Dobermans

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May 16, 2019
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Minnesota - MN
I am Katie Feiler, a stay home mom of four kids and currently 22 Doberman puppies and 2 adult Dobermans which are the mommas to these puppies. And a Gecko....we have quite the mix here.
Ilike to stay busy, what ca I say. Lol.
I absolutely love the Doberman breed. They are beautiful, intelligent, and great protectors of our family and home! My dobies love their kids and cuddle with them often.
I started breeding Dobermans about 3 years ago and am just now getting serious about making it a commercial business. I'm still learning things about it and how some processes work. I'm not a licensed breeder yet but that is my goal for this next year. Lots of paper work and waiting I guess.
Why Dobermans? I have always had a love for them. We had a red and rust named Molly growing up and she was the best dog we ever had! There is not too many times I remember that we didnt have animals. So with that said she still beat all the competition. She lived to be 14 and saying g goodbye was the hardest thing ever. I want people to have the same experience with the Doberman breed as I did growing up. Having the best dog ever! Dobermans sometimes get a bad rep. Or are stereotyped into a dangerous breed along with pits, pit mixes, and rottweilers. I believe all breeds have potential to be great family dogs. But with all animals we have to respect them and they will love you unconditionally. There are cases where animals co.e out of abusive or negligent situations and they are more dangerous but again any breed is susceptible to this behavior if not raised in a good healthy environment.
I want people to know how amazing the Doberman breed is!
Katie Feiler and North Land Dobermans was posted on 05-16-2019 by Katie Feiler in the New Member Introductions forum.

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