Jersey Terrier Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania


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Jack Russell/rat terrier
Vet. Certified. Ready now. These puppies r great family pets. I have two long haired. One boy . One girl. And 3 short haired 2 boys. One girl. To good homes only. These dogs need attention. They get very attached to there owners. They will want to be with you every waking and sleeping moment. They need space to roam and are very good with kids and other animals as long as you get them as puppies. I have certification of shots and are all healthy. There is spot, booboo, yogi, little bear, Jacklyn, and Raccooners. In the bunch. As contacted I can show more live pics of any one of them. I love them all. They will be 20 to 25 lbs. Full grown or less. Serious inquires only please. Do not get a puppy unless you fully commit to keeping. These dogs get heartbroken easily. They need permanent homes. Contact anytime. I work 2am till 11am so leave a message and I will get back asap. The earlier you pick up your puppy the better as they r getting close to me. So come pick up your forever best friend. I mean forever this puppy will always love you.


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I'm looking for a short haired male,I've been looking everywhere and I've had no luck. Please tell me you still have 1 available.I live in Springfield MA but I'm willing to meet you somewhere in between if possible. Tried the shelters and no luck.
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