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We are Jerome & Marvin! We are two years old and joined our current home in October of 2017 from a shelter.

Jerome- I am described as big, relaxed and unique. I am the typical "lazy" cat, I love to sleep and lounge. You can usually find me on a pillow, my moms legs or under the covers. I relatively friendly (especially compared to my brother) and will let others including children pet me when they come over. I have this weird belly that hangs. The doctor does not have concerns and just said that is where 'I carry my fat.'I sleep with my mom at the end of her bed...sometimes right on her legs.

Marvin- My mom is moving out of state and cant bring me or my brother and wants to find a safe loving home for us. She is pretty worried about me because I am a very shy, timid cat and it takes me awhile to feel safe and comfortable with new people. I love my mom dearly and when it is just her and I (and my brother), I am the active one around the house. I will play with toys, but really I like anything around the house especially stealing Q-tips from my moms drawer in the morning or chasing light shadows on the wall. I can also be very loving and cuddly with my mom. I love to purr, and lay on my moms lap.


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