Sold Jack Russells (Parsons) Puppies for sale, NW Arizona

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Parson's Jack Russell Terrier
Date Born
$1200 ($300 deposit being taken now)
Location: City
Location: State
We are fans of the leggy sleek Parsons Jack Russell.
These kids were born Sept 15.
They will be raised very lovingly.
We are not a puppy mill, nor just an average backyard breeder or kennel.
We care very much for our dogs and the puppies as well.
They will be raised in and out of doors, and not holed up in a kennel or cage.

We will even go so far as to try and have them potty trained, and coming to the name you choose should you decide you'd like one of these little darlings.
We anticipate them ready for their new homes in mid to late November.
Tails have been docked, and dew claws removed.
They will have their first shots and deworming done before they leave.
These are all males.

These pups will also come with a pedigree outlining their lineage. These are purebred Jacks!

Being as they aren't quite 3 weeks yet, and barely beginning to walk, it isn't possible to determine personalities nor coat types yet.

We have never shipped a puppy, but might consider it after we have learned more about it.
Feel free to enlighten us.



This next little fella we call Bull. he was the biggest at birth.
He has a tricolor face, with a black and white body.



This is Big Ben, or Benny, we're split here on the name.
He is also tricolored in the face with a black and white body.



This is Quincy. He has the classic tricolor face, with a black and white body.


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This is the mother, our dear sweet Abby.
She's 3 years old. This is her first litter.
She's an excellent hunter, and a real lover.
She loves nothing more than to run and give a rabbit a good chase.
She can also be as mellow as a house cat.
She has proven to be a very good attentive mother.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 12.08.11 PM.jpg


This is the father Romeo. Although we don't know him well, he was highly recommended and selected by Abby's breeder in Temecula Ca.


We look forward to to discussing these wonderful pups with those of you who are highly interested.
Thank you.
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How about a little update on the kids?

They're all happy, fat, healthy, and starting to talk.
And of course they love being held!
They're just about ready to move from their birthing box, and into the playpen.
We're also about to set up their outside play area.

Benny 3 weeks.JPG


Bull 3 weeks.JPG


Oreo 3 weeks.JPG


Quincy 3 weeks.JPG



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Hi all,
I just wanted to let you know , that although we can't see crating a pup and leaving him at an airport for anyone but us or you to care for, we will consider traveling a reasonable distance to deliver, or meet with you partway from your location.
It's about time folks, start making decisions, these boys will be ready in a couple of weeks.
We are very open, and willing to work with you and your needs in order to make sure these great little guys get to the best homes possible.

Thanks a bunch!
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Gail Maggio

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Do you have a female and how much are you asking for your puppy. I live in California so I could drive to pick the dog up. Can you give me a phone call today I was looking at another dog I was going to put a deposit on. but I would rather get one I can pick up. Thank you Gail Maggio
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It was nice speaking with you Gail.
I hope you find the the little girl you're looking for.
I'm certain my friend Karen at Mclaughlin's will come through for you, but patience may be needed.
I wish you the best of luck, sorry we couldn't help with a female.


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Hi everybody!
The pups went for their vet check today, and surprisingly, no one threw up.
Puppies always puke on their first car ride.
Not these guys!
Anyways, the vet gave them a clean bill of health, they'll get their first shots in about a week.


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At this point I think these pups are ready for their new homes.
If interested, and you are offering a great home, we may be willing to discuss price.


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Here's a little personality update on who's left.

This pup is everything you ever heard about Jack Russell's.
He's the smallest of his litter, yet he's feisty, sassy, smart, and not afraid of anything!
Though he's on the small side, he thinks he's 6 foot seven and weighs 250 pounds.
He's quite possibly the reason the word Terrier was coined.
He can be quite gentle and loving, but is able to go from 0-60 in an instant and be a bit of a handful.
He will require a strong Alpha owner.

He has been dewormed, is up to date on vaccinations, and has been vet checked.
He is almost house broken and knows how to use a doggie door.

He will come with a pedigree showing his lineage all the way back to great great grandfather, with some champs in the line.

Next up:

This pup is a real lover.
He's the scholar of the bunch, which is to say, he's very smart.
He was the first one to figure out the doggie door.
His size landed him right in the middle of his bunch.
He has more patience than the rest of his siblings, and will sit patiently at your feet waiting for you to pick him up for a snuggle.
He's also quite good at communicating his desires.

He too is up to date on shots, dewormed, and comes with a long pedigree.


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Benny and Oreo have found their forever homes.
A nice couple just couldn't decide between the two of them, so these two brothers are off to live together.

This leaves just Quincy left.
Here's someone's last chance to get a pup from this litter.
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