Introducing Pet Location Tagging

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This is very exciting. We know it's already pretty easy to navigate this website, but we thought we'd make it even easier. We recently activated the "tagging" function and we've been busy applying different tags to as many posts as we can. Eventually, 99 out of 100 posts will have tags on their pages.

What's a tag? Well, it's a keyword. Sort of like a hashtag that people use on Facebook and Twitter. Let's say, for example, that you post an advertisement for a Pomeranian and you live in Ohio. You write your post and submit it for approval. We approve it and then add the tags, "Ohio" and the closest large city (if applicable). Then, when someone is on your page and they click either of these tags (right below the title), they'll land on another page with all the other ads that have similarly been tagged. It's a great way to navigate the website and it's going to help out tremendously as visitors search for pets in their surrounding areas.

The big question is why we're not handing this ability over to users of this website just yet. The answer is because we've tried that in the past and it was a nightmare. We ended up with something like 20,000 meaningless tags that were thrown in haphazardly. They only annoyed people and got in the way. This time around, we're handling it in-house and we're going to keep things very streamlined and organized. And limited. The key word here is limited. Too many tags is never a good thing.

Interested in checking out some of these tags? Go ahead. They're right here.

We hope you enjoy!