Imperial Shih Tzu Puppy, Female, For Sale in North Carolina

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Jul 21, 2019
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Her name is ROXI, its a furry short legs beautiful gem. Her price is ver affordable because we are not commercial breeders, we have not expenses for warehouse rent, employees, etc, but this angel regular price its about $ 1,500 or more. She is dark liver color, liver nose and will be about 7 to 8 lb Her dad is a Japanese Imperial black and white, 5 lb, , with many generations pedigree in CKC, and her mom is light liver and white, liver nose,pure breed 81/2 lb. . Both like visitors and other pets in the house. They are not shidding , special for children and alergic people. Roxi was checked by our vet and she is super healthy. We are a love Shih Tzu family, that raise only Shih Tzu from 19 years ago, having experience in this kind of small breed. Our puppies live with our family inside the house. They are our pets and this little is raising with much love and a lot of TLC. She is CKC registered, all dewormings and vaccines shots in a Health Record information, CKC,documents, a Contract for a year Healt Guarantee , a guide how to continue raising her and a gift bag full in stuff for her joy. . Last deworming and set of 6 in 1 vaccine, will be apply in presence of new parents, for your peace of mind. We are locate in Murphy, West NC, 3 miles from downtown. You and your family are welcome with appointment, to see and share with our puppies. To contact us, you can do it by email. [email protected] or message by text to (828)557-4142... ( Bruny) We do not delivery puppies but if my furry angel is choiced by a good family, we can drive 2 hours in your direction if you live more of 5 hours from us. . Please understand this: our puppies leave our home, ONLY in hands of they new parents. Not intermediaries, not resellers, not delivery companies. She is the last female, HURRY !!!!!!!! do not lost her, she will melt your heart and be the perfect addition for your family. Thank you


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Imperial Shih Tzu Puppy, Female, For Sale in North Carolina was posted on 07-21-2019 by Brunilda Baco in the Shih Tzu forum.

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