Hypo Florida Kingsnake for Sale in Oklahoma


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Hypo Florida Kingsnake
Date Born
I'm not sure on age, but was told he was around 2 years old when I got him
$150 for snake alone, $225 for cage and all
Location: City
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I have a Hypo Florida Kingsnake that im having to sell. I'm moving and won't have enough room in the new for all of my animals, so one, regretfully, has to go. He about 2-3 years old, (not completely sure on age), and is very sweet. He is great around big dogs or cats. He is the silliest and derpiest snake I've ever had. He loves to explore and get into EVERYTHING. Even if it gets himself tangled up. He is very food motivated so I've never had a problem feeding him. I just moved him up, so he is eating Medium mice right now, he's eating 2 at a time but no more.

I'm asking for $250, since I'll be selling the cage and lights with him. But I'm willing to talk.