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Hi! Luke & Reign are our beautiful Siberian Huskies. Luke is a sleek, white male with two blue eyes. Reign is a petite, CKC Registered, black and white female with one blue, and one blue/brown mix eye. The bonded pair just recently had litter of 6 adorable puppies, on April 22, 2019. We have three girls and three boys. All 6 puppies are colored differently from each other!

Our Galactic Star Pack pups are:

• Leia - Female - Red/Black/White
• Luke Jr. - Male - Grey/Black/White
• Annie - Female - Light Red/White
• Rey - Female - Dark Red/White
• Kylo - Male - Black/White
• Vader - Male - Black/White

We are located in Nashville, TN and are looking for BREED AWARE potential owners for our babies.

Contact Us for more info!!


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