How to View Your Thread & Post Statistics


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If you're interested in seeing how many views your thread (advertisement) has received, you can do so easily. Simply log into your account and click the Forum link up at the top of the site. Then, click the Find Threads link directly below that. If you're logged in, you should see all the threads you've started with the statistics to the right of each thread title. Mind you, you need to be on a desktop or a device with a larger screen to see the number of views. If you're using a phone, you may be able to turn it sideways to make the screen wide enough to see the stats.

Also, if you click the Threads With Your Posts link below the previous one, you'll see all the threads that you've contributed to and their number of views as well. This may be helpful if you're interested in seeing what kind of exposure a particular thread has received because your post is in there as well.

I hope this helps!
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