How to Add a Youtube Video to Your Post

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If you've ever posted anything to our forum, you probably already know that it's extremely easy to use. Uploading and attaching photos to your posts is a snap. Including photos is expected, but did you know that you can also embed Youtube videos to your posts as well? It's true. And it's even easier than including photos.

To include a Youtube video in your post, you'll first need to have that video live on If it's your video and it hasn't been uploaded yet, go to your Youtube account and upload it. If it's someone else's video, then that's already taken care of.

Go to and find the video you're interested in. Then, once you're on the video's web page, copy the URL from the address bar that's located at the top of the browser. After that's been copied, come back to this website and begin writing your post. To include the video, all you need to do is paste the URL somewhere in the post. That's it. The process is finished. If you preview the post, you should see the embedded video and once you save it, the rest of the world will see it too.