How Should I Post Many Individual Puppies in a Litter?


I have a litter of eight puppies that I'd like to advertise on your site. I've written out a description about the puppies in general and I feel like if I make a separate post for each puppy, I'll be repeating myself. What's the best way to go about advertising all of the puppies, each with their own personalities, but not have eight almost identical ads (just different photos)?


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This is an excellent question and it's an issue that we deal with all the time on our website. Thank you so much for asking it and reminding us to give this the attention it deserves.

We see this fairly frequently. Here's the scenario: There are eight puppies or kittens in a litter and a member wants to advertise each one of them in their own ad. The titles look something like this:

Mikey - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Marissa - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
George - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Herbert - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Helga - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Beth - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Jonesy - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3
Phillip - the Best Pomeranian - Ready July 3

Each ad gets their own title, but with a generally duplicate description. Only the names and sexes are changed in the description. Each ad also gets some photos of the individual puppy. As you may have guessed, this really isn't the best way to go about posting puppies from a litter. I have a better way.

Here's what you should do. I'll continue on with my example titles from above. If I were to title this one ad for all the puppies, I would title it:

Best Pomeranian Puppies Ready July 3

And then I'd write out my general description and post it with some photos of the first puppy. After that, right below that post (on the same page), I'd continue on with a short, unique, description of the next puppy, with photos of that one and then I'd repeat the process until I was finished with all of them. This way, all of the puppies get listed and described in one ad that's much more robust and interesting than eight almost duplicate ads. We've found that folks who are looking to purchase or adopt a new puppy prefer this method of combining all the puppies into one ad much more than having to wade through multiple ads. I hope this helps.
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