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No Shots. No Papers. Tails and Dewclaws Intact. Daddy is the Son of a Champion.

These Puppies will be raised Holistically in our home with the parents and siblings present practicing natural immunization and parasite prevention.

My first pair saw a lifetime of arthritis like pain just for getting the jab in the first place;


These dogs run like Deer and make Puppies like Rabbits.

Photos of the Champion are available upon request and will be sent to your email address.

I highly suggest that you do not start injecting toxins into these puppies at this stage in the game, But if you do decide to vaccinate please wait until the puppy is 16 weeks old so the vaccination can fully take hold thereby minimizing the number of doses for better liver health and fewer long term side effects. These puppies nurse until the day they leave and are fully protected.


A couple of Sardines a week are great for the Eyes and Brain. Wild caught Salmon is even better.
Pasture raised "Happy Eggs" provide vitamin D which dogs cannot make through their skin.

If you can't feed at least a 4 star dog food please don't take one of these.


Puppies are due May 2nd and will be ready to go June 27th give or take 5 days. Puppies will be picked at 49 days old and ready to go at 56. Please let me know if you would like to be notified when the puppies are born. Deposits will be accepted when the Puppies are 5 days old. Replies will be answered in the order received. Get in early for best pick of the litter.

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