Hi, My Name is Daymien - Tonto Basin, Arizona


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Oct 28, 2019
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Tonto Basin
Arizona - AZ
Hi you already know my name. Here's some other things about me. I love animals and they love me. I've been training and raising dogs for over 15 years. I'm allergic to cats sadly but I still love them cause they're so adorable. And I love my pittys. I have raised chow chows, chihuahuas, rottys, pitbulls, Jack Russells and even the loveable mutts. Most of my time is spent in the greenhouse or at work. When I get home I like to just relax and watch some rick and morty or south park and sometimes those off the wall netflix originals from time to time. I'm a cook at a restaurant and every locals favorite breakfast cook in town. I love my dogs and my family. That's about it.
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Hi, My Name is Daymien - Tonto Basin, Arizona was posted on 10-28-2019 by Daymien in the New Member Introductions forum.

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